Nature's First Aid- Famliy Physician Kit

Nature's First Aid- Famliy Physician Kit

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We’ve included the top ten essential oils for therapeutic use in this versatile kit. Support digestion, find relaxation, boost respiratory health, reduce anxiety, aid muscle recovery and boost skin health. You can improve your quality with just a few drops misted through a diffuser or applied topically. With this collection of essential oils you have access to all the benefits of pure and natural constituents.

  • Fill your rooms with personalized aromatherapy, and treat your family with the tools of natural health.
  • Support your healthy lifestyle, find relaxation, reduce stress, and focus your mind.
  • Therapeutic grade, meeting superior quality standards for purity, potency, and quality.

Singles (15ml each):

  • Bright Lemon - for aromatherapy, cleaning, and cheering
  • Sweet Lavender - for diffusing, relaxation, and sleep
  • Uplifting Peppermint - for breathing, calming, and focusing
  • Pure Melaleuca (Tea Tree) - for cleaning, healthy skin, and deodorizing
  • Ancient Frankincense - for stress relief, scar repair, and healthy joints

Blends (15 ml each):

  • Calm - Use in the car for a better commute.
  • Breathe Free - Don’t let stuffy or sneezy days slow you down
  • Health Defense - Protect yourself from what’s going around
  • Muscle Ease - Bounce back from sore muscles and joints
  • Pro-Gestion - To support digestive health and soothe the gut

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