Muscle & Joint 2.0

Muscle & Joint 2.0

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Hail to the weekend warrior! After your hours on the trail, at the gym, or in the garden, don't schlop your hard-working body with petroleum goo. Rely instead on the warming strength of this natural essential oil blend to support recovery and repair of sore muscles, tendons, and joints. Re-energize fatigued muscles after a hard workout, a race, or a day with the kids using the spicy warmth of wintergreen and peppermint. Support tired joints with a bracing massage of camphor and tansy flower. Ease tight or tender tendons into relaxed bliss with the therapeutic power of chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus.

After exercise, massage a dilution deeply into your back, shoulders, arms or legs. Rub on the back of your neck to get relief from head and shoulder tension. Be all-over loose and ready for your next outdoor adventure by misting a few drops through an ultrasonic diffuser. Gently massage a few drops into creaky joints or along sore tendons for feelings of natural relief.


  • Ease your hard-working body into blessed rest
  • Build strength by supporting your body with natural constituents
  • 100% pure essential oils from the best sources around the world


Constituent Oils: Muscle Ease - Essential Oil blend by Elementa 15ml (comparable to Young Living & DoTerra Muscle Ease, Deep Blue Rub & Ortho Ease) Supports healthy joints and muscles

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