If you are looking for ways to boost your energy, you have come to the right place. Rosemary, since ancient times, has been associated with enhancing memory. Shakespeare’s Ophelia requests Hamlet with, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance, pray you love, remember.” Also, people in ancient Greece used to wear wreaths of rosemary to help improve recollection while taking examinations.
Rosemary oil is a great and deliciously smelling oil to promote healthy energy throughout the day. Tackle your mental fatigue and stress exhaustion. Wake yourself up and stay present with rosemary oil.

Using Rosemary Oil Focus Your Natural Energy:

  • Topical
    Apply and massage 1-5 drops on temples, forehead, neck and wrists.
  • Fill The Air
    Add 10-15 drops to a diffuser, oil burner or metal bowl of boiling water. The steamed Rosemary oil will fill the air. Just sit near it, breathe and relax.
  • Direct From Bottle
    Open a bottle of Rosemary oil and take 5 inhalations 5 times per day.

Rosemary oil has some other great uses too. It is used for hormonal balance, increasing nerve growth, reducing risk of cancer, promoting hair growth, improve memory, and more. That it helps with anxiety has been also proved by a scientific research.

DIY Rosemary Essential Oil
Making your own rosemary oil is easy. Chop rosemary and put in a glass bottle or jar and fill with olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Place jar in a slow cooker or double boiler. You can use a pot of water on the stove with the temperature on low, if you don’t have a slow cooker or double boiler. Warm the mixture in the jar for at least an hour. Strain all of the plant matter out before using.

The responsibility to make wise choices is entirely yours, I don’t recommend ingesting rosemary oil without the guidance of a physician. Ask your doctor before using rosemary oil during pregnancy. Please email me personally if you’ve got any questions, email me at, and I’ll do my best to give a great answer.