Dear Creative Master,

Artists, writers and other creative individuals can suffer greatly from inspirational blocks from time to time. Mugwort oil is known to be a fantastic oil for promoting inspiration and recharging your creative energies. Mugwort oil may prove to be a powerful remedy for rejuvenating your inspiration.
Mugwort is associated with the goddess of the moon, Diana. It is rumored to engage the senses to facilitate astral travel. In Europe it was used for dark magic and witchcraft, but in China it was used for its medicinal properties.

Using Mugwort Essential Oil To Enhance Your Inspiration:

  • Topical
    Apply and massage 1-5 drops on temples, forehead, neck and wrists.
  • Bathing
    Put a 5-20 drops in hot running bathwater. Bath as usual.
  • Surfaces
    Mix 10-20 drops in olive, jojoba or almond oil. Use the mixture to wipe down your workspace.
  • Fill The Air
    Add 10-15 drops to a diffuser, oil burner or metal bowl of boiling water. The steamed Mugwort oil will fill the air. Just sit near it and breathe.

Mugwort oil is also known to be a stimulant, tonic, nervine and diuretic. It is also known to be used for astral enhancements and spiritual growth.

DIY Mugwort Essential Oil

Making your own mugwort oil is easy. Crush fresh or dried mugwort and put in a glass bottle or jar and fill with olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Place jar in a place where it will get 6-8 hours of sunlight for 48-72 hours. Gently swirl and invert the jar once a day. Strain all of the plant matter with cheesecloth before using. If you want stronger oil, you can strain the plant matter and add fresh mugwort 1-3 more times and repeat the process.

The responsibility to make wise choices is entirely yours, mugwort oil is recommended for topical and aromatic use only, and should not be ingested orally. Please email me personally if you’ve got any questions, email me at, and I’ll do my best to give a great answer.