If you are seeking an essential oil to boost your selflessness, bergamot oil just might be the thing for you. Bergamot is known to be a great oil for promoting spiritual and emotional connectivity. It is used by many for enhancing feelings of empathy.

Bergamot is a universally lauded citrus oil. It is an essential oil that is used in the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda. It has a complex aromatic quality that is sweet, fresh, floral and spicy.

Bergamot oil, named for the city in which it was first known to be sold, has been used since the 1700s in Italian folk medicinal to treat fevers and urinary infections. It is a highly praised aromatic treatment. It is also a spiritual protectant used to ward off evil and psychic dangers in voodoo practices.

Using Bergamot Essential Oil To Feel Selfless:

  • Topical
    -Mix 5-10 drops in coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Apply like any lotion.
    -Anoint chest, temples, forehead, neck and wrists with 1-5 drops of pure bergamot oil.
  • Fill The Air
    Add 10-15 drops to a diffuser, oil burner or metal bowl of boiling water. The steamed bergamot oil will fill the air. Put near your workout site and breathe.

DIY Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil is easily extracted from bergamot peels using a method called “cold-pressing”. All you need is some bergamot peels, a sieve, and a jar, cup or bowl. First, make sure to wash your hands and the bergamot. Peel the bergamot, taking care to not cut into the meat. Put the sieve on top of the jar. Squeeze, then press the peels into the sieve. The oils will drip down into the jar. If you don’t have a sieve, you can use a garlic press. The garlic press is effective at recovering lots of oils from the peel, but requires the peels to be processed in smaller batches.